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I'm a freelance Clapper Loader and amateur photographer originally from Bradford and now based in Manchester. After graduating from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2008, where I studied Film and Television Production, I began as a DIT on a low budget Film and then on a Television Drama before I moved over to Camera Trainee and then progressed up to Clapper Loader in both Television Drama & Feature Films. Throughout my career, I want to work my way up through every position within the camera department, ultimately ending up as a DoP. This is a conscious decision on my part, as I feel that you have to at least work in every role to have true and full understanding of what it entails. When I started my career I very briefly worked on film but sadly it quickly transcended onto the numerous digital formats that are out there, of which I am familiar with all. It is a path that I've pursued since childhood initially in video editing but then into camera where I have remained. So far I've had a career that has taken me all over, meeting some amazing people and working in a team to achieve that end goal. I consider myself very lucky to be getting paid for a job that I love.


A collection of my photography. Taken in New York, New Zealand, York, Manchester and around the English Countryside.

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